Traveling Light

I used to be the kind of person to pack three bags for one weekend.  One bag for the 10 outfits I felt I needed because…you ain’t gotta get ready if you stay ready, one bag for my shoes and one bag for makeup, toiletries, and accessories.  I had to chuckle as I sat down to drink my Yogi Detox Tea this morning.  “Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.”  Back in September, my husband and I drove from Oklahoma, stopped in New Mexico, and then made our way to Mesa, Arizona for a George Benson/Kenny G concert.    I only packed one bag.  I packed for comfort without worrying about the fashion. Well, I take that back.  I packed nice things, but the only person I wanted to impress was my husband and it didn’t take twenty wardrobe changes to do that. It had been a heavy summer for us.  By the time this trip rolled around, we’d actually been separated for 3 months.  This trip was his way of trying to reconnect with me.  We lived light that weekend.  No cell phones, no social media, and the only calls and texts we made were to let our loved ones know that we’d arrived safely to our destination.  It felt good…not having the burden of the outside world on our shoulders.  It was just the two of us…living, laughing, loving, and reconnecting in the simplest way possible…quality time.  On that trip WE were the light and without a million wardrobe choices to choose from, I didn’t have to get ready…I was ready. 

Ebony Farashuu