It's Okay to Say "No"

I spend a lot of time taking care of other people at my own expense.  I’m a wife and a mother.  It’s what we do.  I saw my mother do it.  I saw my grandmothers do it. I see my friends and sisters do it every single day.  It’s as if we are afraid that we will let someone down if we take five minutes out of a busy day to simply breathe.  I used to be a “yes” person.  No matter what was needed, I was there to take care of it.  The problem with being a “yes” person is the moment you have to say “no” to someone, they treat you as if you’ve never done anything for them.  I remember when my children were small.  If I told them “no”, my denial was met with whines of “Aw man, you never let us have any candy.” or “You never let us go outside and play.” or “You never let us have company.” Now, mind you, my kids could have just swallowed a piece of candy as they walked into the house from playing outside with the friend who spent the night and just went home but, ya know… I never.  Adults are just as bad.  Today’s Yogi Tea quote hit the spot. “Be kind to others but always be compassionate to yourself.”  Don’t be so afraid of disappointing someone else that you end up disappointing yourself.   Be kind…to yourself.  Unwind.