Love Starts With You

Listen.  If I never say anything else worth hearing, listen when I tell you how much this quote on my cup of Yogi ginger tea has touched me.  “The Purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself and trust yourself and be yourself.”

I spent years trying to be who others thought I should be.  I wasn’t sexy or stylish or strong enough for one person so when we parted ways…I tried to be who he wanted. I thought that’s who everyone wanted.  It wasn’t. 


I tried to be vulnerable and let my guard down for another who built me up with the sole purpose of systematically tearing me down. When I showed the vulnerability he demanded, I was told that my true heart was a disappointment.  

I found myself trying so hard to be the perfect woman.  Constantly picking myself apart, scrutinizing myself at every turn.  I was too fat.  I was too thin.  I wasn’t strong enough.  I was broke.  I was unloved. 

Through the years I realized I wasn’t unloved because I was unlovable.  I was unloved because I didn’t love myself. I didn’t trust myself to enough to demand the love and respect I deserved from others.  I spent too much time trying to be anything other than myself.  The moment I embraced the real me, it didn’t matter if anyone else did.  I finally loved myself.  I cherished myself.  I trusted myself and in return, I attracted the love that was for me…the real me.  

Be yourself.  Who you are is not for everybody.  It’s for somebody special.  Wait for it.

Ebony Farashuu2 Comments