Day 2: I Think I Can


It’s Day 2 and, honestly, I did so much running around I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch.  Grocery shopping was difficult because I’m OCD and can’t function without a list.  I spent over $100 dollars on fruits and vegetable and water…and…ummmmm….strawberries…which is a fruit….even when they are dipped in chocolate.

Don’t judge me.  I deserved those chocolate covered strawberries and the roses I bought to make my table look pretty.

Later in the evening, my husband took me to a restaurant that specializes in salad. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant because I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m bashing them.  I will say that it’s kind of like going to Chipotle or Subway.  The salads are created on an assembly line with you telling the server what toppings you want. 

It was an okay salad but I feel like I could have made a better salad at home.  The server I had wasn’t very liberal with the toppings and I found myself screaming (in my mind), “Really, Linda? THREE KIDNEY BEANS?  A PINCH OF CARROTS? ONE SCALLION???”

But…I took my bowl of lettuce and my wheat croissant to my table and chowed down anyway…that is…until I saw one of the servers go into the bathroom with a bucket of cleaning supplies.  He was wearing his apron.  About fifteen minutes later he exited the bathroom, thoroughly washed his hands, put gloves on, and began serving people…but he was still wearing the same apron. 


Maybe I’m being a bit anal, but…I’ve had E.coli and, well…. It could have killed me.  As far as I’m concerned, that apron had E.coli all over it.

I won’t be eating there again.

It’s a lesson learned.  I spent a ton of money on groceries and went out to eat anyway.  This is exactly how I got into my current situation.  I used to cook a wonderful meal every single day, but once I started working two jobs I was just too tired to cook.  It was easier to pick up a burger or a pizza or some chicken, or visit my favorite taco truck on the way home. 

The first part of this lifestyle change has to start with me getting back to the basics of what I love…and not allowing myself to be too tired to take care of myself.

I have to start meal prepping.  I have to start planning.  I have to get back to my lists.

I think I can.