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Last week I asked my readers to ask me questions and I’d answer some of them on my blog.  My hope was to do an in-depth interview on myself. My readers came through with some awesome and thought-provoking questions.  My friends tho?  My friends are assholes and they ask asshole questions because it's totally their job!

Like seriously.  They are the WORST and I love them for it.  I'm going to save their questions for another interview segment, however...the readers I've been blessed with have restored my hope in humanity.  Please enjoy this interview and stay tuned for the next one!    

AdrionAllen (via Facebook): When and why did you start writing? 

EbonyFarashuu: First of all, thank you for the serious question, Adrion!  I wrote an extremely cringe worthy poem in the first grade. My parents thought it was brilliant.  As a matter of fact...my mother still has that poem in a photo album.  It's laminated. In the 2nd grade, we were tasked with writing a story.  I'll never forget how excited I was to write my story out on that pale brown paper with the big ol lines...do y'all remember those writing tablets?  Anyway...I wrote my story, turned it in, and then went to recess.  After recess I noticed my teacher huddled in a corner with another teacher.  Every so often they would glance over at me with feelings of concern on their faces. After asking me several questions about my story...if  I'd seen it on television or in a movie...I was sent back to my desk.  I was insulted. The story about two kids going into an abandoned house and being terrorized by a psycho killer and the story ending with one of the kids finding their sibling's head in a piano bench was MY original work! Plagiarism wasn't my thing...not even at 8 years old.  I was an ARE-TEEST...and I was sensitive about my sh*t.  LOL.  Needless to say, my mother was brought in for a conference and the next thing I knew...I was in a gifted and talented creative writing class.  It changed my life.  Ironically, when my daughter was in the 2nd grade...I had an eerily similar conference with her school counselor after they read a story she wrote.  In her story...someone's mother was beheaded.  To the counselor's horror, I burst out laughing after she handed it to me.  "My child is creative," I explained to her relief.  She ended up in gifted and talented too. 

AndreyaElyse (via Facebook): What's the biggest hurdle you've overcome?

EbonyFarashuu: Honestly, I'm still overcoming hurdles.  I believe we all are.  I went through the majority of my life hiding behind my pen.  My stories were my only escape from, what I felt were my inadequacies.  I didn't know how special I was and that allowed me to be manipulated and kept in my place in many friendships and relationships.  I saw myself through the eyes of "man" and not the eyes of God.  I am learning to embrace my imperfections and give a big middle finger to those who would use them against me.  Self acceptance.  Self love.  Self-confidence.  I'm a work in progress.

MyoshiaHarding (via Instagram): What is your biggest fear?

EbonyFarashuu: I could say spiders but that would be too obvious.  I'm learning that my biggest fear is failure...and success...at the same time.  I'm not where I want to be but I don't have the perseverance to stop procrastinating to make it happen. Does that make me scared or stupid?  Sometimes I feel as if it's an unhealthy mixture of both.  Through this blog and an awesome life coach, I'm learning to face my fears and complete the tasks that overwhelm me.  

FrankieWhite (via Facebook): What are three experiences you want to have before you turn seventy?


EbonyFarashuu: Wow.  I want to experience holding a grandchild for the first time.  The knowledge that I can have a baby without giving birth, play with it, and then give it back when it poops sounds awesome, and I'm totally here for it...well, in about 10 years.  Secondly, I want to see something I've written on the big screen.  Lastly, I want to feel unadulterated joy.  I felt it once and it was positively intoxicating.  I want to feel that again. 

KannonTaylor (via Facebook): What's it like having an empty nest?

EbonyFarashuu: IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Seriously tho, I love my kids but I'd be lying if I said not having to consider them with every decision I make isn't liberating as hell. For the first time since I was 22 years old...I don't have to hide in the car to eat a cookie.

ChristyHayhurst (via Facebook): When publishing your books, or this blog even, do you experience fear/doubt and how did you overcome or combat this?

EbonyFarashuu: I'm momentarily scared every single time I write a blog post.  Will people like it? Will people hate it? Will they be offended?  It's the same with writing books.  Currently I'm working on two books and I'm stuck.  I've realized I care too much about what other people think and I don't want to be judged.  Ultimately, what gets me through is writing for myself and trying my hardest not to worry about what other people will think.  Those who want to read it will.  Those who don't want to read it won't...and any negative opinion of me based on my writing is none of my business. 

ToshaCraft (via Facebook): When are you coming back to poetry, Eb?  When are you coming back?

EbonyFarashuu: I honestly don't know.  Poetry was once a source of joy but it manifested into the source of a lot of pain and trauma for me. I see how above ground the poetry scene has become in my hometown and I applaud the poets who stuck with it and are now making big moves.  It's funny.  I feel like no one knows who I am anymore.  My name doesn't ring a bell with anyone.  I was walking through the mall the other day and a woman recognized me as Ebony Farashuu...the poet.  I remember the joy I felt the first time I was recognized...back when I was on fire but not getting paid for a damn thing.  I'm no longer on fire but someone still knew my name. It gave me a tiny spark.  Who knows? Maybe I'll be back sooner than I think. 

As you can see, I have the best readers on the planet.  Thank you so much for these questions.  While answering them I learned a lot about myself.  I was forced to think outside of the box and view myself through a lens of vulnerability.  This blog has opened me up to a new level of honesty with myself and with others.  I look forward to sharing more of myself with you. 

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