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SymplyEbony: JD, you are one of my favorite authors and I’ve always wondered where you pull inspiration from! When I’m reading your novels I believe ANYTHING is possible!

JD Mason: Thanks so much, Ebony. When you follow your passion, it’s not a question of inspiration. Storytelling is what I love, so it’s not work for me, and it’s not hard to write. Actually, it’s harder for me when I don’t write.  The beauty and the power of being a creative is that anything IS possible, and I get to explore all of the possibilities when I’m working on something new.

SymplyEbony: Hardcover, paperback, or digital?

JD Mason: I became a digital lover after I moved the last time and realized that I hated packing and transporting boxes and boxes of books. Lately, however, I’ve come to realize how much I miss the touch and feel of holding a novel in my hands So, I dig hardcover and paperbacks now.

SymplyEbony: Currently, Seducing Abby Rhodes is receiving great reviews! What is your next project and when will it hit bookstore shelves?

Click here to  order JD’s next book, Woman Trapped in the Dark.

Click here to  order JD’s next book, Woman Trapped in the Dark.

JD Mason: My next project is a follow up to Seducing Abby Rhodes called Woman Trapped In The Dark, coming out in September. I so loved the relationship between Abby and Jordan and I really wanted to show readers just how deeply and genuinely the love flows between these two. In SAR, I barely scratched the surface, especially when showing how much Abby means to Jordan. In the Woman Trapped in the Dark, readers will see, and hopefully feel, this emotional, profound, and passionate love between these people and it’ll leave readers as breathless as it’s left me.

SymplyEbony: When did you realize you were a writer?

JD Mason: I think I was about thirty or thirty-one when I realized that I was a writer. Before that, I made up stories in my head and would try to write them down, but felt embarrassed or silly seeing the words on paper. I remember the day when I sat at the dining room table, staring at my first completed manuscript of my very first novel. It was 100 pages, double-spaced. I sat there staring at it thinking, “This isn’t a whole novel. It’s not a whole book.” A voice came to me and said, “Well, you’re the writer. Make it a book.” That’s when the real work started and that’s when I rolled up my sleeves and took the task of learning how to write a novel.

SymplyEbony: If you could meet one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Jordan Gatewood is the sexy love interest in Seducing Abby Rhodes. Click to purchase your copy on Amazon!

Jordan Gatewood is the sexy love interest in Seducing Abby Rhodes. Click to purchase your copy on Amazon!

JD Mason:  I’d meet Jordan Gatewood because I have a huge crush on him. He’s the most unexpected character I’ve ever written because of how he’s evolved. Jordan Gatewood was my villain. He was the bad guy, and I wanted readers to hate him. He was introduced in Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, and he was a terrible, terrible man. I hated him. But in the next book, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, he began to change in ways I hadn’t expected. He began to reveal things about him that I didn’t see coming. By the last book in that series, Crazy, Sexy, Revenge, I had come to realize that this brother was complex. At the core, he is always going to be ruthless and capable of doing just about anything to get what he wants, but as he’s aged, I think he’s figured out that he won’t live forever and that it’s okay to back off and take responsibility for things he’s done and who he is. I find him fascinating, and fine.

SymplyEbony: Thank you so much for SymplyConversating with me today!

JD Mason: I appreciate the opportunity to share space on your blog young pedawan. It’s been my pleasure.


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