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Jae Slae

Jae Slae

SymplyEbony:  What makes you qualified to produce a food blog?

JaeSlae: Since I was a child, I’ve loved food…cooking and eating it. I was adopted at three years old.  My mom said the first question out my mouth was “do you have any rice?”, not “where’s the restroom or what’s your name?” I’m also fat and will try anything once lol. 

SymplyEbony:  What makes your blog stand out from the rest.

JaeSlae: Most food blogs only feature recipes. The Fork Life is about taste testing various cuisines across the country and giving my no-holds barred thoughts about it. Also, my photography skills are banging.

SymplyEbony:  Your pictures are awesome. I just want to lick the screen when I see that fork! What made you take this direction when photographing your food?

JaeSlae: I noticed a lot of people post just a plate, but you do not get an idea of what the food actually looks like until you put it on a fork and bring it up to your mouth with the cheese dripping….sorry….I digress. I’ve learned that if you take a picture of the food on the fork, it’s more personal.

SymplyEbony:  Will we be seeing any of your original recipes?

JaeSlae: As soon as I come up with a few, I will share them lol. My recipes are merely for survival although no one has died yet so I may share a couple.

 SymplyEbony:  What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your blog?

JaeSlae: I want to share my foodie experiences with the world while also giving some shine to the mom and pop eateries.

SymplyEbony: Thank you for SymplyConversating with me today! 

JaeSlae: My pleasure! 


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