Carla Palmer - Fitness Motivator

Carla Palmer poses with her jump rope. 

Carla Palmer poses with her jump rope. 

SymplyEbony: Carla, you look fabulous! What inspired you to start GYSB and how has it evolved?

CarlaPalmer: Thank you, Ebony. I appreciate the compliment because I work really hard to take care of myself. Not only do I want to look healthy, I want to look fit! It’s important to me that people see me and know that my words and actions align.

I started GYSB (which is an acronym for Get Your Sexy Back) over 9 years ago when I realized that I could use my weight loss success story and strength from a hard break-up to inspire others to dig deep and discover their own strength to lead a more peaceful, healthier lifestyle. GYSB started off with a few inspirational posts and pictures on facebook to a full on movement with me being invited to do speaking engagements, creating an online jump rope fitness program for beginners, live streaming, and currently partnering with a financial expert to offer a 3 month online training on fitness and finance this summer. The movement is more than I ever thought it could be but I’m glad I trademarked it from the beginning. You never know what God has in store for you.

SymplyEbony: What has been the biggest obstacle in your fitness journey?

CarlaPalmer: Honestly, the biggest obstacle in my fitness journey has been sugar. I absolutely LOVE sweets and there are times when sugar calls me and I answer with a resounding, “YES.” When you grow up eating processed foods it’s hard to get those cravings and habits out of your system. Unless I decide to say, “no more forever,” it will always present as a challenge. The great thing is, I know how to not let it get out of hand.

SymplyEbony: What has been your biggest triumph?

CarlaPalmer:  My biggest triumph is a little more difficult for me to answer because there are a few that I consider HUGE wins. I have learned enough about food to make informed decisions when it’s time to eat. Even when I don’t make the best decisions, I know what that decision means. This is huge because basic knowledge (that you can acquire through a few weeks of online food journaling) helps you to better regulate your food intake. And when you make good decisions with fuel you’re putting into your body, you win in other areas as well. You will see better brain function, higher energy levels, clearer skin, less mood swings, more patience, increased confidence, better sleep and of course, a better body. So many victories come with the choice to live healthy in mind, body and spirit.

SymplyEbony: We seem to have gone from a society of women who hide their age to a society of women who embrace each passing year. Why do you think this generation of women are so proud of growing older?

CarlaPalmer: Embracing the aging process varies from woman to woman and in different regions in this country. For example, here in California, you often find that women are still trying to pass for younger. I think Los Angeles is a particularly hard place to age. It’s Hollywood and many are trying too look like they are still young and fresh. With technological advancements in skin care treatments and age defying products women can feel more confident about telling their age. In addition to the help of these new products and services, yoga, alternative medical remedies and practices as well as cleansing and wellness retreats allow many women to fully embrace the inevitable aging process and share their age with confidence—this can be a very powerful, liberating way of operating if one can get to this point of acceptance. I have found that most of the women who get to this point of freedom, have done it naturally and spiritually.

SymplyEbony: What is your favorite type of workout and why?

CarlaPalmer: Jump rope ANY DAY! It’s a workout that never gets boring because you can do so many types of workouts with it. It’s easy to take on trips and it leaves you with little room for excuses when it comes to working out on vacation. My jump rope has been to many countries and has served me well when there was no gym in sight. I have even cleared space in an Airbnb to jump rope. Jump rope is just as effective as running and offers a great amount of calories burned per minute once you get a good cadence. You can burn 10+ calories per minute. Jump rope was the main fitness activity during my weight loss journey. I lost 52 pounds 9 years ago and I’ve been going strong and maintaining ever since. I would encourage anyone who is serious about weight loss and weight management to be sure to add jump rope to their arsenal of fitness equipment and activities. In addition to that, I would recommend getting advice on how to jump rope properly to prevent injury.


SymplyEbony: Where do you see GYSB in the future?

CarlaPalmer: I see the movement expanding to offer more programs and speaking engagements. I see international wellness/adventure retreats and programs specifically for tweens. My heart goes out to overweight children and teenagers as I don’t think it is their fault. If parents are not educated about food, they pass their habits on to their children and the cycle continues through generations. Diabetes doesn't run in people’s family—bad habits do. We have to stop the cycle. We have to be sure these children have a fair chance to live a healthy life.

SymplyEbony: Carla, you are someone I greatly admire! I really appreciate you SymplyConversating with me today!

CarlaPalmer: Thank you for the opportunity to share, Ebony! I appreciate it so much! 


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