Are the stories in your blog true?

Absolutely.  All of the stories and inspirational messages in my blog are written from actual events in my life. 

can i touch your hair?


Why is it taking so long to write your next book?

I suffer from clinical depression and although my ability to write wasn't affected, my desire to write was severely impaired.  I am slowly getting back to the writer I used to be and I am diligently working to bring my readers the books they deserve.


How do you pronounce your name?

Ebony Farashuu is pronounced Eh-buh-knee Fuh-Rah-Shew.  Pardon me for not using the correct phonics.  I just feel like this is easier for all of us.  


What does farashuu mean and how did you come up with that name?

Great Question!  Farashuu is a Swahili girl's name meaning "butterfly".  When I started doing spoken word poetry in 2003, I used my government name at every performance.  A fellow poet suggested I find a stage name that identified me as a poet and as a person.  I love butterflies and, in my search, I ran across various names that meant "butterfly" but didn't resonate with me.  I ran across the word Farashuu and immediately thought to myself, "HATED IT!"  I gave up on my name search in exasperation but, later that night, as I slept, I had a very vivid dream.  In this dream I was standing on a stage reciting a poem. In this poem I broke down the meaning of Ebony Farashuu as it pertained to being a black butterfly.  When I woke up I remembered every word of that poem!  I wrote the poem down, memorized it, and then performed it the next day at a Hip-Hop symposium.  As I walked back to my seat  my friend hugged me and said, "You found your  name."  Imagine that...the name I rejected found me in my dreams and claimed me.




Is slow burn based on your life?

Although I pulled from my own emotions to write Slow Burn, the situations in the book are completely fictional. 

is your poetry book available for purchase?

Unfortunately, my poetry book, Butterfly Kisses: Poetry for the Many Faces of Love, is no longer in print.  The book was self-published via a print on demand vanity publisher.  I have no plans to re-release it.  I do have new poetry that I will feature on this site from time to time.

Why did you stop performing?

I stopped performing spoken word poetry after a traumatic incident in my life.  My persona on stage was very sensual and I realized it had caused a negative impact on my real life.  While I won't go into specifics, I decided I didn't want to be onstage if it meant I would be pursued in a negative and aggressive way.  I don't see myself performing in the near future.

are you a member of the amazon associate program?

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