Pruning for Growth


I used to love getting flowers, especially roses. I never wanted to throw them away. Instead, when they died, I would turn them upside down and dry them out to preserve their beauty. I would then place them back into the vase to admire.

Sometimes dead things just need to be thrown away for you can never actually preserve the beauty of something that has out-lived its purpose.  Look around you.  Look at your habits, your relationships, your friendships, your belongings....are you holding onto people, places, or things that have out-lived their purpose?  Are you holding onto things that no longer beautify and uplift you?

If you’re a writer, are you holding on to words that are going nowhere in hopes of making  them work?  Are you afraid to delete them for fear your story won’t be the same?

Maybe those dead words are blocking your progress.

I challenge you to get rid of your dead roses in 2019.  You've got to prune your branches before you can truly grow.