I’m Addicted to Body Products


I am a hopeless product junkie and I am constantly on the lookout for natural body products that don’t contain harsh chemicals.  Many of the body products I’ve found not only fit my requirements, but they are produced by minority owned small businesses.  That’s a bonus for me.

I was thrilled when a new acquaintance suggested I try a small black-owned business called ‘Addictive Apothecary’.  I didn’t need any new body products…I have a drawer FULL…but when I opened the website and saw the beautiful black girl representation, I knew I had to purchase something.

After browsing through the website, I was happy to discover they had a body balm in my favorite scent, ginger peach.  Not only that, but they had an EYE PILLOW designed to combat the effects of migraine headaches as well as aid in meditation.

I suffer from DEBILITATING migraines.  My migraines sometimes mirror a stroke so closely that I end up in the hospital.  I couldn’t wait to try the pillow.

I placed my order on August 14th.  By August 16th I received notification my order had shipped.


My order arrived on August 20th and I was thrilled with the quick turnaround. I’d just had a horrible delivery experience with another natural body product company and I was relieved to know that Addictive Apothecary wasn’t going to do me the same way.

I opened the package, and, to my surprise, the owner of Addictive Apothecary had included a HAND WRITTEN note actually APOLOGIZING for the delay in delivery because she wanted my eye pillow to be special.  Delay in delivery?  Where, Sis?  I couldn’t believe it!  Here I was thrilled with, what I considered fast delivery, and she was basically telling me that her products are normally delivered faster.

Y’all… a tear dropped from my left eye and slid down my cheek.  I was that touched!

I hadn’t even smelled my body balm yet.

Let’s talk about that body balm.  First of all, little goes a long way and at $15 for a 4 oz container, I definitely got my money’s worth.  The scent is AMAZING, and it leaves my body feeling so soft, and so smooth, I find myself spontaneously caressing my own arms throughout the day.

The eye pillow has a beautiful lavender scent.   After heating it in the microwave for 30 seconds and placing it on my eyes, I found I was able to relax and breathe.  The lavender scent was extremely soothing, and I felt it truly helped me get the rest I needed to deal with such a strong headache.

All in all, if I had to use a rating system…I’d definitely give Addictive Apothecary 5 out of 5 stars for their awesome delivery times, exceptional customer service, and their addictive product!  I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the near future!