Am I Accepting Abuse For a Paycheck? Is It Worth It?


Last week I told someone I felt abused by them and they proceeded to tell me why I was being abused… and that they would try to work on their approach but…

Basically, how I was treated was dependent on ME.

As long as I was perfect, the abuse would be kept to a minimum.

If I made a mistake…well…I deserved the abuse that was sure to follow, right? And if someone else made a mistake and I just happened to be available…well, that residual abuse is ok, right?

If I happen to be at home on my day off and something that caused no harm and can’t be changed happened during my shift…It’s ok to call me at home on my day off and verbally abuse me, right?

Sometimes abuse can make you so jumpy that you’re constantly second guessing yourself to avoid mistakes that lead to abuse.  Guess what that usually leads to?  MISTAKES.  In this case, the abuse is appropriate, right?



Once I tell you that your behavior towards me and others is abusive and you, in your small mind, can logically explain that abuse…there is nothing left for me to say

There are, however, a few things that I need to do.

I need to ask myself a question.

Why would I stay in a situation where abuse is the norm and rewards are non-existent?

Have I become so afraid of being out of a job that I would allow someone to treat me in a way I would never treat anyone else? 


Sadly, I have. 

But why? 

I have many talents that are being wasted in a place that would simply replace me if I died from the stress I’m living with...and it has DEFINITELY affected my health.

That’s a fact.

Is it easier to endure abuse than it is to just step out on faith?

This is a serious question I’m asking myself and that I’m also posing to my readers.

Those of you who have…how did you overcome fear and step into your destiny?

When does personal happiness become a priority?