Stalker Wife, Happy Life

Is it creepy that I watch my husband sleep? I mean....I just stare at him like a stalker.

Like... right now, my husband is asleep...and I’m legit laying here like...



 ...and if he were to open his eyes right  now, I would be like...


Is that disturbing?  I’m asking for a friend. 

I just LOVE him so much, and when I stare at him I’m thinking about how blessed I am to have I find him extremely attractive and I spend a lot of time putting little kisses all over his sweet face or playing with his beard. 

Sometines I take pictures of him but...the last time I posted one I got a stern talking to.  

But I looked at him like this... and all was forgiven.  


Do you want to hear something awesome? Every time I stare at my husband as he sleeps...I tell him the moment he awakens.

You wanna know what he says?

He looks at me, and he smiles and he says, “Well see all this!”

...and I chuckle because it’s true.