The Royal Wedding, Y’all! THE ROYAL WEDDING!

The beautiful and melanated Meghan Markle just married her handsome ginger prince and I am All IN, do you hear me???

I woke up at 4am to watch the coverage and now I’m sitting here at work HYPE from the excitement.

Yep! I wore my Izzy&Liv QUEEN hat to work today! 

Yep! I wore my Izzy&Liv QUEEN hat to work today! 

I walked into work on a whole notha level.

I walked into work like, “Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride! Ain’t nothin’ gonna hold me down!”

Y’all...I walked into work like Meghan is my cousin and I was two minutes late because I was AT her wedding...not just watching it on MSNBC.  

Meghan is a real person...not a cartoon.  Meghan has a generation of little melanated girls believing that THEY can be a princess too.

Shoot... that wedding....which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL...showed the world what LOVE looks like.

The sermon. The music. The Wakandan like cries of joy as the Prince kissed his Princess as a resounding chorus of Amen and This Little Light of Mine filled the air. The JOY on their faces as the sun bathed them in rays of light...

I started crying.  Then I realized I just got my eyelashes done yesterday and can’t get them wet for 24 hours.

I had a Seinfeld flashback.

“I can’t cry! I just got my eyes done!”

If you’ve never watched Seinfeld you won’t get it so....moving right along!

The Royalty bath bomb

The Royalty bath bomb

The Royalty bath bomb turned my water purple!

The Royalty bath bomb turned my water purple!

After watching the wedding I decided a ROYAL SOAK before work was in order.  I grabbed a ROYALTY bath bomb from The Sugar Shak Collection because I really just wanted to continue feeling ROYAL!


By golly, I’m going to make it happen! 

The first 10 people to order from The Sugar Shak Collection, using my special link, will receive a FREE 7oz Royalty bath bomb...ON ME! There is no minimum purchase...which is great, but a little birdie told me there are a few BOGO specials going on right now! 

So...order from my special link and if you are one of the first 10 you will also receive the free 7oz bath bomb with your purchase!!