This Blog Was Supposed to be About Pizza

I was a vegetarian last night, and when I told my husband what we were having for dinner he didn’t seem too excited.

“I’m making pizza for dinner.” I told him.

His face was like, “Yayyyyy.”

“I’m not putting meat on the pizza.” 

His face was like, “WTF?”

“I’m not really hungry.”  He told me, “But I’ll go out and grab something if I feel like I just have to eat.”

I was like, **eye roll**

Cool.  More for me, right? WRONG.

See…I love to cook.  It makes a difference because someone who loves to cook will put their heart, soul, and entire foot, manicured toes and all, into whatever dish they’re preparing for their loved ones.

I’m a country wife who grew up in the city.  Now, admittedly, I’m not the best housekeeper, but I throw down in the kitchen…when I have time.

I used to be the wife who…if nothing else in my world was going right…at least my grocery list was organized and sorted right down to the location of each item in the store. 

Yeah.  You read that right.  You could literally take my grocery list, know exactly what each item would cost, and make a perfect circle around the store by following my list from top to bottom.

Oh, and…each list was created from the weekly meal menu I would spend all weekend debating in my mind.

My husband is a “walk the aisles and just throw stuff in the basket on a whim” kind of shopper.

I nearly had an anxiety attack the first time I went to the grocery store with him.  Every time he grabbed an item and dropped it in the basket a cash register sounded off in my head.  I’d spent my life budgeting and making lists that saved money and here he was just casually throwing stuff in the basket and then moving on to the next aisle.

It made me uncomfortable.

Seven years later, I love grocery shopping with him because I can throw things in the basket I wouldn’t normally purchase with my own money.  Don’t tell him I said that.

Anyway…I went into that long and probably unnecessary explanation to say…

I don’t have time to cook, let alone make my lists.

It bothers me.

I feel like my life consists of work and rest and sleep and work and rest and sleep and…I’m working a lot…I’m sleeping a lot…I’m running around a lot…but I’m not resting…and I’m not really cooking.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner consists of what’s available...usually fast food because I haven’t been grocery shopping.  Meal prep is key but there are times when meal prep is impossible due to my schedule.

I almost told my husband that we needed a wife but…I’m selfish and I don’t play well with others. 

What I need is time.

I need more than one day per week to accomplish all of my tasks and still have some “me” time. 

As it stands….I can either take care of “me” on my day off…or I can take care of business.  I can’t do both. 

At this point in the blog…I’m realizing this post has taken an unintended turn.  I was all prepared to tell you about the delicious vegetarian pizza I made for dinner last night and how my husband, who said he wasn’t really hungry, asked for a piece and I was afraid he’d like it and then want half…

Which...he did…like it.  He didn’t ask for half since I’d only made a small personal pizza but…I love him so I would have given it to him with a cheerful heart because…that’s just who I am. But yeah….thank goodness it didn’t come to that.

But no.  This blog wrote itself as most of my blogs do and, whatever this is in my subconscious that’s telling me I need to figure out how to balance work and life…I’m thinking I should probably listen.

Did I mention the pizza was delicious?

The pizza is ready to go into the oven. I baked on 450 for about 10 minutes.  

The pizza is ready to go into the oven. I baked on 450 for about 10 minutes.  

I’m a country cook.  My mama is a country cook and my granny was a country cook.  That basically means I don’t measure ingredients and, although I cook great meals, the same meal will never taste exactly the same way twice.  That’s because I have a bad habit of not writing down my ingredients. 

Recipes are delivered to my mind by Jesus.  Don’t get mad because I said that.  If you tasted my cooking you’d know I’m speaking the truth. 

Lately, these recipes or meal ideas are dropped into my mind as I’m wandering aimlessly through the grocery store because…no pre-planned menu and no list.

I’m literally walking through the aisles waiting for inspiration these days.

But anyway…back to this pizza.

Slap yo mama perfection! Who needs meat? 

Slap yo mama perfection! Who needs meat? 

I went to Sprouts and grabbed some organic spinach, organic arugula, fresh basil, and a red onion from the produce section.  Sprouts has an awesome olive bar and the Kalamata olive spread is OMG delicious!  They also have a concoction with feta cheeses and assorted olives marinated in a lemon sauce.  I may have strategically picked all of the feta cheese out because I didn’t want the extra olives.  I added some roasted garlic cloves and threw all of this on naan bread, topping it with sliced vine tomatoes.

Hubby loved it so much I’ll be making 2 next time.

I went through all of that to tell you about that pizza.  I probably need to get my life together, huh?

I’ll do it tomorrow.

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