Sometimes it Snows in April

It’s snowing today and...

Melancholy is my vibe

My tribe can’t comfort me

I can only see what isn’t there.


It’s been 2 years and I’m still having a hard time seeing live footage of him or even listening to his music.  In particular, I haven’t listened to Sometimes It Snows in April since he passed away.

It’s snowing today.

It’s April.

And.. as I stepped out of my car with fluffy snowflakes slapping me in my face I could only think to myself…

“Sometimes it snows in April.”

Sometimes it snows in April and, when it does, I can’t push the sadness out of my heart.

I can’t...think good thoughts and suddenly my mood turns around.

Me, celebrating Prince on his birthday in 2017.

Me, celebrating Prince on his birthday in 2017.

I can’t.

I simply cannot.

“All good things, they say, never last.”

He was right, ya know?

Nothing lasts forever but, somehow, I never imagined Prince would leave before I had a chance to tell him how much he impacted my life.

He knew me…even though he didn’t.

He spoke to me…even though he wasn’t trying.

He got me…even when I didn’t get myself.

When he died, it was like losing a family member but my physical family didn’t understand my pain…so I had no comfort. 

I cried in private. 

So when I felt those cold snowflakes on my skin…and those lyrics popped into my head…I decided it was time for me to hear him sing them.

I’m listening as I write this.

My hands are shaking and I keep having to backspace and delete misspelled words and incoherent thoughts.

It’s snowing today and

I’m listening to Prince.

I’m listening to “that” song.

Ya know…the one I thought I’d never sing again?

Then one I thought could never be my thing again?

Because it made me sad…even when he was with us…

And then I felt an earthquake

And as the house began to shake

I thought…

Prince has jokes.

Because sometimes it snows in April…

And sometimes you have a ‘Housequake’

At the same damn time.

And then I smiled…

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