Shirts vs Blouses


I bought a ruffled Antonio Melani blouse at a resale shop and immediately thought of Prince. I couldn’t help it.

“Point...Blouses.” I thought as I bought it without even trying it on.

Whether I could wear it or not...I just wanted that shirt. Before you was the right size but my boobs ruin a lot of shirts for me and I didn’t want to try it on only to find out the top two buttons wouldn’t cooperate with my chest. I didn’t want to, potentially, ruin the moment.

By the way you’re smiling, I know that some of you know exactly what I mean. We pray for boobs but when we get them we realize these “girls” can be both a blessing and a curse, but I digress.

This blog is NOT about my boobies. It’s about a ruffled shirt I bought for Prince and wore to see Hamilton at the CIBC Theater in Chicago.


”This ain’t Wakanda. You don’t have to dress up like we’re going to see Black Panther.”

My husband has jokes. It was his lame attempt at trying to clown, what he perceived, as me trying to do a cute cos-play.

“Did you buy some little shoes with buckles?”  He laughed.



Ok, so maybe I did think of the era Hamilton was set in when I pulled that shirt out of the closet was cute as hell and, guess what? IT BUTTONED without looking like it was straining against my chest.  

I looked hella cute  and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be the only person wearing a ruffled shirt to the musical.

I was right. 

Every guy on stage was wearing a ruffled shirt so...point, blouses. 



I’m not very adventurous, fashion-wise. I’m a yoga pants and flip flops or t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. I’m not great at accessorizing either so I have lots of earrings and necklaces that I have no clue how to pull off.

I was shocked when I decided to rock Pom Pom earrings with a ruffled shirt but, you know what? I was in Chicago, I was going to see Hamilton, I was wearing my faux fur, and I wanted to be different.

I haven’t always been okay with being different. Now I embrace it. 


As we speak, I’m a forty-five year old woman walking around with three shades of purple bands in her braces.  I smile a LOT.

So, yeah. Pom Pom earrings are becoming totally normal for me and I love it. So much that I walked through downtown Chicago with my husband holding my purse as I took selfies whenever an opportunity revealed itself.


I think it used to annoy him, but now he gets a kick out of it. Every now and then he participates, although I have to force him to stop looking so stoic and smile.

Hamilton, By the way, was PHENOMENAL. It was like watching a Hip-Hop opera where I could both understand the words and appreciate the artistry at the same time.

It was refreshing. 

It was hilarious.

It was diverse. 

It was remarkable. 

I was crying by the end and I feel like I can’t even tell you why without throwing out spoilers. 


I can tell you that, this trip and these Hamilton tickets were more than a gift from my husband to me.  He’s not big on gifts.  He gives me tangible experiences that I’ll recall with feelings of nostalgia whenever they pop into my mind. 

This night was definitely a win for my team. 



*By the way, for more info on those cool Pom Pom earrings, check out the Featured Products section.