The Irony

I couldn't leave the concert without a tour T-shirt!  I was definitely fan-girling!

I couldn't leave the concert without a tour T-shirt!  I was definitely fan-girling!

There’s something spiritual about watching a songwriter sing music that was pulled from the depths of her soul.  The words mean more.  The pain hurts harder.  The joy radiates stronger.  The experience brings tears to my eyes. 

I’ve always believed in writing, not for an audience, but for myself.  I always thought it was cool if other people dug what I was trying to say, but for the most part, my writing was therapy.  I can’t write an emotion I don’t feel.  I can’t recite a poem that wasn’t birthed in my soul.  I don’t always write what people want to read and that’s okay because it wasn’t for them. But still… it feels good when they like it.

Tonight, I listened as Alanis Morissette left her entire soul on the stage.  I felt every word, experienced every emotion; I felt like she was telling my life story.  Funny thing is…she told the audience she wrote her music for herself and she was always happy if someone else enjoyed it too.  To me, that’s what defines a true artist. 

Alanis didn’t need a gimmick.  She didn’t need costume changes.  She didn’t need dancers.  Hell, she didn’t even need a full band.  All she needed was a chair, her harmonica, and two talented guys playing acoustic guitar until the strings snapped. 

I was in awe of her. 

Jagged Little Pill is over 20 years old and I’m still listening to it.

Will anyone be reading my work 20 years from now?  Will someone see my book on their shelf and remember the emotions they felt the first time they read it?  Will they want to read it again?

For someone who doesn't completely care if anyone else likes what I write... it's really starting to feel like I care, huh? LOL

Ironic.  Don'tCha think?