For the Love of Gnocchi

This Thermidor Gnocci doesn’t owe me anything! It was so delicious!

This Thermidor Gnocci doesn’t owe me anything! It was so delicious!

I love to eat.  It’s no secret.

I mean… “Are you hungry?” are the most romantic words to ever come out of my husband’s mouth, and my palate gets moist every single time he says it.

“Are you hungry?”

“Oh, Baby.  I love it when you talk dirty to me.  Say something else.”


I melt.  I really do.


This is how I look…

…when I have sufficiently dined!

When my best friend, Constance, suggested we meet up at Bonefish Grill in Broken Arrow for a little girl time a couple of nights ago, I was so excited I actually put on some makeup and tried a new lip color.  Bonefish Grill is an awesome restaurant and the menu never disappoints. 

It’s also one of our favorite hangouts.  It’s been a while since Constance and I have actually had time to do anything more than text each other so this meal was long overdue. 

Bonefish Grill has an awesome habit of creating masterpieces in the kitchen and then placing them before me to admire and devour.

If you read my blog titled, A Little old Fashioned, you know that I felt an intimate connection to the Smoked Old Fashioned, a sophisticated adult beverage. 

Well, the Thermidor Gnocchi I dined on tasted like the afterglow of my romantic encounter with the Smoked Old Fashioned.

It was a beautiful experience and I savored every moment.

And when I say I savored every moment…there were no leftovers. 


Not one sweet lobster chunk survived my fork.  No shrimp escaped my bite.  The golden brown potato gnocchi with mushrooms, peas, fresh tomatoes tossed in lobster-sherry cream sauce proved too powerful for my self-restraint…and my self-respect.

Had I been at home I would have licked the plate.

Perhaps I’ll get it “to-go” next time.


I promise Bonefish Grill doesn’t pay me to say nice things about them.

They just serve the kind of food I’m excited to talk about.

I hope you enjoyed reading about it.