Does Music Cause Involuntary Reactions? Is It Just Me?


I love music and I’d like to think that music loves me back.  I know it’s cliché to say “music is the soundtrack of my life”, but… music is the soundtrack of my life, okay?  There is a song that defines my every moment, my every mood, my every thought…


All kinds of music.

Some of the music that defines me is mellow.

Some of the music that defines me is angry.

Some of my music is melancholy and sad.

Some of my music is happy and giddy.

Some of my music is silly and, I’m going to be extremely honest with you…some of my music is quite ratchet.

I have a good job and I LOVE having a good job but I don’t always wanna be there.  Every morning, when I pull into work, I immediately put my headphones on and start playing the first song that randomly pops up on my playlist.  I blast it…loudly in my ears as I try to maneuver my way through the parking lot and those security doors without making eye contact with other people who also love having a job but don’t necessarily wanna be there.

This morning, I put my headphones on, shuffled my music and clicked “play”.

I suddenly heard a motivational voice saying, “Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 and the 2000.”

I felt a cosmic pull tugging at my hips, trying to force me to twerk.

I don’t even know how to twerk, y’all. 

I started walking really fast, trying my best to NOT be seen gyrating in the parking lot.  I have a bad knee so I half limped, half RAN into the building, fast walked down the hallway, and hurriedly made my way to the corporate fitness center.

There was only one way to curb these urges without wasting my sudden burst of energy.

Well…actually, I could have just turned the music off, but everyone knows you can’t just turn off an energetic jam once it starts playing!

I jumped on the treadmill and, as that song finished, Lil John started yelling for me to shake it like a salt shaker and…well…I was stuck. 

You see, for me…listening to booty shaking music is kind of like watching the opening scene of a Law and Order episode.


You can’t watch just one.

Try it if you want to.  You’ll end up trapped in a marathon. 

Trust me on this one.

Before I knew it, I had backed that thang up, shook it like a salt shaker, got a new booty and wiped myself down.

Not everyone will understand what I’ve just written…but those who do are smiling and bobbing their heads right now.


All kinds of music.

Let it use you. 

What song forces you to move?  I’d love to know! I can’t be the only one with these involuntary reactions!  LOL!  Shoot me a comment so I can add your suggestions to my playlist!